TEFL Foundation:

Though TEFL RADICAL GARMENTS is a business outfit, we feel as a part of the human race, we need to do something, meager it may be to eliminate the cloud of gloom by sharing our earnings with the less fortunate one through specific development activities,
Short term and long term and thereby help propelling our beloved country to the path of prosperity.
So, emerged the TEFL foundation in the year 2001 with the theme and activity of zero poverty.
We are co-sponsoring an orphanage with around 152 inhabitants, from the age of 7 days to 18 years and 31 of them are severally challenged, mentally and physically.
We are also maintaining around 36 families, old, crippled and abandoned by their off springs.
We are also helping around 15 students with their educational expenditures, ranging from class ii to class x, and also bearing expenditures of a free clinic in the backward area of Dhaka city.
We know that it’s not much but we believe NO DONATION IS SMALL DONATION.